Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is an essential part of keeping your pooch happy and healthy.

At MyShampooch we use Emmi-pet technology to clean and maintain your dog’s teeth. Using ultrasound it’s a painless way to promote oral and dental hygeine.

Good teeth and a healthy mouth is an essential part of keeping your dog healthy and happy. The Emmi-Pet is silent and vibration free making it an easy way for pooch to have their teeth cleaned.

We start with an initial assessment, your own dedicated tooth brush head (lasts up to 20 visits) and a clean (approximately 45 minutes), Follow up appointments (recommended) are 30 minutes.

You can book a package, one off or one off sessions. How often you should come (monthly, or a couple of times a year etc) will depend on the initial assessment into the current health of your pooch’s mouth. Call for more detials or get in touch through the contact page.

See the gallery below for more details.

Canine Teeth Complete Package

Your pre-pay Complete Package includes an indepth initial assessment (45 minutes) and 6 further visits (each 3/4 days apart). Your own tooth brush head is also included. We’ll discuss your full treatment plan and get all the dates in the diary.

Complete Package£99

Pay As You Go Treatments

Book and pay as you go. You start with an initial assessment (45 minutes) and then attend for individual follow-up appointments (30 minutes). The initial assessment includes the tooth brush head that will last approximately 20 visits.

Initial Assessment£30
Follow Up Sessions£15

Tooth Brush Heads

Each assessment appointment includes a free tooth brush head. They will last for approximately 20 sessions. Replacements can be bought as you need them.


Ada is a little ‘high maintenance’ and I was worried how she would react. Caroline was brilliant. The cleaning is so quiet and she was fine with it. And after 3 sessions you could really see the difference!

— Kirsty, Ada’s Mum